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Blockchain Protocol Development Company

We develop and launch new blockchain protocols and also modify the existing protocols as per requirement with services like forking, tooling, and network bridging.

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Blockchain Protocol Development

We provide both Layer 1 and Layer 2 blockchain protocol development solutions and services. Our Layer 1 solutions are for developing ,launching and maintaining blockchain protocols. Layer 2 solutions help enterprises use the existing blockchain protocols into their use cases. By inserting functional changes in the architectures of the parent blockchain protocols, we improve their adaptability to meet specific business needs. We also actively contribute to blockchain protocol ecosystem development through our range of research and development services.

Blockchain Development Services

Architecture Design

Our protocol architecture design solution includes a complete set of blockchain software, tools, and services, including consensus algorithm development, setting up of distributed nodes, testnet & mainnet launch and network maintenance. As a part of architectural design services, we help you define how the entire blockchain platform ecosystem will work.

Consensus Algorithm Development

To power your peer-to-peer blockchain network, we can identify and formulate the right kind of consensus algorithm to define the strict rules of behavior for the network administrators or nodes. We develop a consensus algorithm after considering all the possible errors like node communication failure or node’s faulty operation.

Network Launch

Following architecture design and consensus development, we provide network launch services for both Testnet and Mainnet. Post successful test-run, we launch the mainnet for mass adaption by getting it hosted by decentralized nodes.

Network Upgrade and Maintenance

We provide end-to-end network upgrade and maintenance services to ensure the smooth functioning of your peer-to-peer blockchain network. We keep the network secure, efficient, and free of downtime by installing timely upgrades and maintenance services.

Protocol Tools Development

To support your blockchain protocol’s seamless functioning and facilitate effective app development, we provide tools development services for different blockchain protocols. We provide you with core tools development services to help run your network efficiently.

Ecosystem Development

As community contributors, we actively participate in ecosystem development for different Blockchain protocols, like XinFin. We procure and execute specific end-to-end technological work like documentation, securing nodes, building advanced APIs, SDKs, Explorers and developing smart contracts and dApps.

Blockchain Forking

We custom-develop new blockchain and frameworks by forking existing blockchain platforms. Forked blockchains are enriched with the capacities of the parent blockchain yet simplified enough to serve specific business purposes. Our blockading forking service is a cost and resource-effective solution for Layer 2 blockchain development.

Network Bridging

Blockchain interoperability is a key feature that can improve the capacities of smart contracts and Dapps by enabling them to communicate with other blockchains. We can bridge your P2P network to an interoperable blockchain like Polkadot and help your network achieve true interoperability through our network bridging services.

Our Blockchain Development Process

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